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"Jennifer was amazing! I learned more about dental x-rays in 4 hours she taught us than I ever have with any training! I feel 100% more confident, highly recommend! Like a serious must have if you work in a hospital that does full mouth x-rays with dentals (which you should!!) Thank you so much Jen!"

Hannah D.

"Jennifer came to lecture our new hospital on dental radiograph positioning and she was simply wonderful. She is personable and knows exactly how to make information understandable and relevant. Our clinic staff has struggled to understand the different shots, and Jennifer finally made it make sense!"

Kat G.

"I can!t say enough good things about Jennifer and her training. She has phenomenal patience in teaching a variety of learners. As a doctor, I tend to let the techs handle the radiography, yet when we had problems with different views, I had no idea how to troubleshoot. Jennifer not only helped with positioning, but more so with how to understand what to do when the image was off. I feel our technique will only improve from here! Thanks Jennifer!!"

Irene B. DVM

"Five Stars! A+ rating! Seriously, this is the best training course. Jennifer has an amazing knowledge base, and is an excellent, engaging teacher. Our entire staff enjoyed learning from her and we are so happy she came out to California. If you are at all leaning towards having Jennifer teach a course, trust me, do it!"

Kelby L. DVM

"Jennifer is an amazing teacher. She does just lecture she answers the "why” when she trains. The improvement my to members made after her training was amazing. I would highly recommend her."

Michelle K.

"Over the past year working with Jennifer Hertzoff at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, I have learned so much from her with regards to obtaining outstanding radiographs. She is an excellent educator and takes time to explain techniques until you understand. I truly believe if you take the time to learn with Jennifer you will become exceptional at taking radiographs and understand how to correct mistakes."

Grace B. DVM

"Jennifer is AMAZING. She loves what she does and it shows. I can't thank you enough!"

Britaney Marie G.

"I had Jennifer come all the way to Maine to teach us general dentistry and radiography skills. Her presentation was very engaging, my staff found her very personable, and we learned a lot. Thanks Jennifer!!"

Darren R. DVM

"I was really nervous about the training because I had never done dental X-rays at all. Jennifer presented the information in an intelligent and understandable way and showed many ways and angles (literally) on the lab portion of the training. Did my first procedure on Tuesday and nailed my dental X-rays! Thanks so much for this learning opportunity!"

Kati C.

"Jennifer has an exceptional wealth of information and she presents it in a way that can be understood by everyone. I think the greatest thing about her is that she has such a passion for dentistry that she truly engages her audience. I learned a lot and would absolutely recommend her to any techs that want to improve their dental technique and broaden their scope of knowledge."

Valerie J.

"Jennifer was amazing! So grateful for this opportunity. She has a way of explaining things so you understand them, she is patient and engaged each of us individually."

Alisiana B.

"Jennifer was at our clinic a few weeks back for in house dental radiograph positioning CE…which was fantastic and jump started me to seek more information in the field of vet dentistry."

Larry C. DVM

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