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   Our Mission

To help pets receive the best dental care possible by educating their caregivers through practical, comprehensive and customized classes.

Dogs deserve healthy teeth

Dental care is an essential part of an animal’s overall health.  Knowing how to properly identify and treat oral disease is crucial in the wellbeing of your patients. 


The American Veterinary Dental Society has reported that the majority of cats and dogs have periodontal health issues by the age of three.  Many oral problems are not visible above the gum-line and can be overlooked without the right education.  Untreated or misdiagnosed dental problems are a source of chronic pain and systemic infection. 


Veterinary Dentistry Training offers a variety of engaging dentistry lectures and labs that will help receptionists, technicians and veterinarians understand dentistry in an easy to follow approach.  Classes can be held in the convenience of your own clinic, in group meetings or online.  


 A well trained veterinary team will not only provides the patients with top quality dental care, but will also increase efficiency, client satisfaction, as well as clinic revenue.

All courses are ASVSB RACE-approved for technicians and veterinarians




Jennifer Hertzoff, CVT has worked in the veterinary field since 1982 and has always had a special interest in dentistry.  She attended Arizona State University, where she majored in Biology.  All through college, Jennifer worked in general practice and emergency clinics.  She started working at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists in 2004 and her love of dentistry blossomed.  The more she learned, the more she had a desire to share this information with others.  Jennifer had the privilege to have worked closely with 7 board certified veterinary dentists and 2 board certified veterinary anesthesiologists.  She combines her years of experience with her passion for teaching to improve the dentistry skills of your entire staff





  • Fundamentals of dentistry
  • Scaling, probing, and charting
  • Instrument usage and sharpening
  • Identification of pathology
  • Dental problems and treatment options
  • Marketing and client education
  • Home care products
  • Safe anesthesia protocols
  • Product and equipment recommendations
  • Radiology safety
  • Different X-ray systems
  • Positioning techniques
  • Troubleshooting angles
  • Identifying radiographic structures
  • Helpful tips from the specialists


  • Hand scaling
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Hand curetting
  • Root planing
  • Probing/charting
  • Instrument sharpening
  • Nerve blocks
  • Doxirobe usage
  • Demonstration and practice with hand instruments and sharpening stone


  • Demonstration of every position on cat and dog skulls; cadaver head can be used         (no live animals are used for training classes)

  • Guided practice for all participants

  • X-Ray positioning book is included


Wonderful course! As a new grad vet who got very little dentistry in school, I feel like I learned more in this continuing education than I did in school. One of the best CEs I've been to.

Having Jennifer come to our hospital was the most valuable CE our hospital has ever paid for! She knew how to teach all the different types of learners that we have here to make sure everyone understood. We thought the training would be more for our technicians but the doctors ended up learning a lot as well and we couldn't be happier! She even made a list of recommended tools and supplies we needed and had the vendors on standby so it was so easy for me to order what we wanted. We will definitely have her back! Thanks so much Jennifer!

This class has seriously been one of the most helpful in my career. The most valuable tool I learned was to check the occlusion on every sedated/ anesthetized patient prior to intubation. We seriously catch pathology at least once a week during routine procedures! It's the simplest of things and is super fast! Not to mention that it helps us in preventing pain/problems for our patients before it's severe which I feel is our whole purpose as techs! Thanks Jennifer!!

Jennifer is a wonderful speaker, teacher. She taught me more than all the dental seminars over the years. Made me interested to continue to do dental X-rays. Thanks!



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Thank you for your interest!

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