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We help pets receive the best dental care possible by educating their caregivers through practical, comprehensive, customized training courses, webinars and educational tools.

Dental care is an essential part of an animal’s overall health. Knowing how to properly identify and treat oral disease is crucial in the wellbeing of your patients. 


The American Veterinary Dental Society has reported that the majority of cats and dogs have periodontal health issues by the age of three. Many oral problems are not visible above the gum-line and can be overlooked without the right education. Untreated or misdiagnosed dental problems are a source of chronic pain and systemic infection. 


Veterinary Dentistry Training offers a variety of engaging dentistry lectures and labs that will help receptionists, technicians and veterinarians understand dentistry in an easy to follow approach. Classes can be held in the convenience of your own clinic, in group meetings or online.  


A well trained veterinary team will not only provides the patients with top quality dental care, but will also increase efficiency, client satisfaction, as well as clinic revenue.



All courses are AAVSB RACE-approved for technicians and veterinarians.